Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crafting with Cristina Companion Challenge No. 2

Here it is!... from a plastic gallon of milk, some green pain I had, some cardboard I collected from my office's trash (I am in charge of phone bills and they come in boxes along with the bills). I went to Home Depot and bought some cactus (I love cactus). I also had some garden soil on a base without a plant, well the plant died so, it was with out a plant since then. I cut some animal that live in a desert. With my Expression I cut a cute green snake, a dog in grey (pretending to transform it into a coyote). I cut the plastic gallon and panted it green. I also cut some cactus and used some ink to give it some dark tones. I used the cardboard to simulate the sand and here is the final product.  I love it!!!  This project will be a present for Miss Nancy, the owner of the daycare my kids will attend from tomorrow on.  I know she will like it because I know she is the type of person who is really concern about destroying Mother Nature...

Thanks Cristina!... it was a really awesome challenge... :o)




  1. Sooo cute you did a nice job thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! Super cute!