Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks Amanda!!!

You are super sweet...

About a week ago I was hopping from blog to blog, and I found Amanda's blog.  She was offering some sleeves for bookmarks she had and I asked for some of them.  OMG, little I knew she will be sending me lots of goodies along with the sleeves...THANK YOU SO MUCH, you are so generous!

Below some pictures of my goodies from her.

If you want to see all her amazing projects go to her blog...



  1. awe, You're soooo welcome Gina! Enjoy!

  2. How nice of her I didn't even know they made the bookmakers great idea.
    The fall in the air stamp I got at AC MOORE it was 99cents and has 3 other small stamps also
    Thanks for stopping by my hop

    Hugs Debbie